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Calories: Back to Basics

I gave low carb a try for the past year, even enduring a problem that could literally be called a pain in the ass. I lost weight at first, but then I leveled off. It wasn’t until recently that I started losing weight again. Before you sing the praises of the low-carb diet, however, let me inform you that I had been eating chocolate and dognuts, both of which are high in carbs. I lost weight due to poverty, simply by eating only as much as I could afford, and I was consuming a lot of water at the same time. Instant ramen has a lot of water after preparation, after all.

In short, it was a good old calorie deficit. Finally coming to terms with low carb promises not living up to reality, I did some research. One site I checked was by an Australian body builder named Anthony Colpo, a former low-carber (if memory serves me right) who drew the ire of many low-carb true believers with his apostasy as well as already having that of vegans. I also remembered an experiment tried by a Professor Ma…
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Speaking in Character: Idolmaster Reviews AKB0048

(This is a fictional interview, of course. There may be spoilers, so be warned.)
Lucky Joestar:Greetings, everyone. I’m here today with two idols from 765 (pronounced “Nah-moo-koe”) Productions. Joining me now is Chihaya Kisaragi and Miki Hoshii. Welcome, you two. I heard you’ve just watched the new AKB0048 anime up to episode 26. As performing idols yourselves, what’re your general impressions of the series?

Chihaya Kisaragi: Well … where do you want me to start?
LJ: You sound like you didn’t care for it.
CK: Well, that’s a bit of an understatement.

LJ: Start with the characters then.

CK: The characters, I find, are the usual archetypes. You have your naïve main hero associated with the color red, Haruka for us, Nagisa for them. Haruka actually has brown hair and green eyes, but red is still her signature color. Then you have your cool second banana associated with the color blue or something close to it. For them, that’s Chieri. For us, that’s me. Then you got some third, fourth, fifth …

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Nuke?

Ever since the reactors at Fukushima First Power Plant here in Japan melted down in March of last year, the anti-nuke scaremongers have been having a field day here, and opposition to nuclear power has become quite sexy. Before a sexy position is adopted, however, it should first be checked against the numbers to make sure it stands up to reality.   I’m not saying that nuclear power is entirely safe, and nothing ever is, but the dangers of nuclear power have always been blown way out of proportion. It’s understandable that people would be scared of nuclear anything, considering the horrific damage that nuclear weapons did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki back during World War II. It’s especially scary here, since this is the only country in history, so far, to get hit with nuclear weapons.   But is this fear justified when it comes to peaceful nuclear power? I don’t think so. Too many people look too much at the TV screens showing power plants going kaboom and not enough at the hard numbers…

Thoughts on Heavy Metal

I grew up in the 1980s, a time when heavy metal (or more a popular imitation of it) became popular. I got to know big names like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and I still love both those bands. Granted, the former have produced a few albums not worthy of their name, but the rest have been good, and Iron Maiden have never made an album unworthy of the Iron Maiden name. Along with those two greats have been “cock rockers” such as Mötley Crüe (pronounced “Murtley Cree” for those of you who don’t know how umlauts really change the sounds of vowels), bands that somehow think we all give a flying shit about their (sometimes made-up) nightly flirtations with syphillis and gonorrhea.
Former-greats Metallica gave me a welcome alternative to all that fucky-sucky garbage by introducing me to thrash metal. It was far more authentic as metal to me than cock rock. From there, it led me to other thrash metal bands. However, even thrash was sorely lacking, as it was just too political for my taste. To…

Giving Low Carb a Try

I’m a vegan apostate. I’ve been feeling so much better since I started eating meat, dairy and eggs again four years ago, ending my nineteen years as a vegan. (Comments are disabled, because I know some vegan fundies are gonna flame me for this.) Veganism, however, had left a long-lasting mark on me ever since: namely my being overweight. I was thin at first, down around 60 kilograms, but then I ballooned up to over 90 kilograms! I continued on as a vegan after getting my MA and starting my working life here in Japan. I noticed that I was always tired, however, and it annoyed me to no end when students rudely poked my then corpulent belly, and I really wanted to slap them for doing that.   I’m at 72 kilograms now, well within my healthy weight range, and I haven’t had any kids poking me in the belly (since losing fingers is considered a bad thing in Japanese culture), but now I’ve decided to aim for the low 60s, getting rid of the last of my love-handles, manboobs and double chin. I’v…

Decorative Chicken Scratch

I love Japan. It’s the country that made an adult of me, so how could I not love it? Does that mean I love everything about it? No way! There are some things Japanese that, in spite of my love for this country, I find offputting … aside from Tubgirl: I don’t like watching scantily-clad fat men groping each other with their flabby buttcheeks hanging out. That shit turns my stomach.I don’t like the idea of getting naked and bathing with other men. The mere thought of it makes my skin crawl.I think kanjis are completely useless for writing Japanese. I can hear the weeaboos out there now whining about how Japanese can’t be written without kanjis. Bullshit. Japanese has a kana for every phoneme combination, and some literary works in Japanese history have been written entirely in kanas, including The Tale of Genji. You won’t find a single kanji in that fine classic! All the letters therein are those that Japanese kids learn in first grade, after which you should be done learning to read. I…

Annular Solar Eclipse, Fukushima County

The Japanese word for “solar eclipse” is nisshoku, natively written 「日食」, which literally means “eating the Sun.” (The word for “lunar eclipse” is gesshoku, written 「月食」, which likewise means “eating the Moon.”) This morning in Sukagawa, Fukushima county, Japan, we managed to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse despite the cloud cover. Classes started early for Kashiwagi Elementary School, as students and faculty alike arrived to watch. This sign advises students to look at the Sun’s shape by observing the shadows cast by trees, not by looking at the Sun itself. The faculty set up this telescope for viewing the Sun as a projection onto a white card. Looking right into the telescope while it was aimed at the Sun, of course, would’ve been a horrible idea. Here, students are watching the eclipse on TV in one of the first-grade classrooms, and this was when we thought we wouldn’t have a chance to see it for real thanks to the clouds in our area. The eclipse formed a perfect “O” down in …